Bydgoszcz Game Show

Join our esports revolution in Bydgoszcz and become part of the biggest gaming tournament in northern Poland!

BGS 2023
FIFA is a series of computer sports games in which the player can control a football team and compete against other teams in both single-player and multiplayer modes. This game is one of the most popular football simulators in the world.
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CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a popular FPS (First Person Shooter) game where two teams - terrorists and counter-terrorists - compete against each other in various game modes such as defuse, hostage rescue, and arms race.
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2022 / 11 / 23

Your emotions!

Are you ready to compete? Bydgoszcz will host the most fierce gaming competition - test your skills!

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In the previous edition, the following participated:






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This is a unique opportunity for computer game and esports fans to meet and participate in competitions. During the event, you will have the chance to watch tournaments and duels in which competitors from all over the country will participate.

You can also visit the exhibitor booths, where you will be introduced to the latest games, equipment, and accessories for gamers. Additionally, the event will feature interviews and panel discussions where experts will talk about the latest trends and challenges in the esports world.

This unique event is sure to provide you with unforgettable experiences!



zdjecie Aktualnosci
⏰ We're giving you more time ⏰
Time for what❓❓❓
Registrations for CS:GO🎯 and FIFA 2023 ⚽
Specially for you, we've extended the deadline to March 27th 📅
We also remind you that the prize pool is astronomical 🛰 💸 ❗
Every one of our competitors, during the finals, will also have 💺 professional setups, 🖥 technical support, and 🍔 of course, catering.
Don't wait until the last minute 🖋⬅🏃‍♂️ 📌
Register here:
📌 We also invite you to join our community on Discord: . #blugameshow #sponsor #imbaseat #gamingevent #polishevent #bgs2023
zdjecie Aktualnosci
Create history of e-sports in Bydgoszcz with us📖. We invite you to collaborate at the biggest gaming event in northern Poland 🇵🇱❗.
Technology fairs, over 💯 trade stands, computer equipment from top brands 🖥🎧🎮. An extraordinary world of fantasy 🧚 and fandom 👍. Food truck area 🍔🍟🍜.
ℹ Location ▶ Łuczniczka Sports and Entertainment Hall
ℹ Time ▶ May 26-27, 2023
Ask us for details:
📧 or 📲 577 557 011
#fair #expo #polishevent #gamingevent #bydgoszcz #gaming #fandom #foodtruck #streetfood #blugameshow #bgs #bgs2023
zdjecie Aktualnosci
We're looking for 🤔
⁉️ But who ⁉
🛠️ Engineers 🛠️
🧙 Wizards 🧙 ⚔️ Warriors ⚔️
🏹 Archers 🏹
🦊Foxes 🦊
In other words, all creative individuals who will appear at our 3rd Edition of Blu Game Show❗
➡ Cosplayers, prepare your costumes, finish your props❗ May the EVA foam be with you❗
➡ Send us a photo on Facebook in the comments❗
Not ready yet❓
What are you waiting for❓ We can't wait to see you❗😀
Maybe you'll appear as someone from LoL❓ Genshin❓ Team Fortress❓ Call of Duty❓
#gaming #cosplay #bgs #polishcosplay #genshin #gamingevent #gamer #cod